An upcoming dating app promises to create an AI version of you to chat with potential matches

Screengrab of new dating app TeaserAI is by the same company as David Dobrik's Dispo
Screengrab/Apple App Store; Sydney Bradley/Insider
  • The team behind photo-sharing app Dispo is building a new dating app called Teaser AI.

  • Spotted on the Apple App Store, Teaser AI will incorporate AI into online dating.

  • David Dobrik is not involved in the launch of the new app, the company confirmed to Insider.

The team behind David Dobrik's photo-sharing app, Dispo, is up to something new: a dating app.

Teaser AI, with the tagline "less talk, more action," is an unreleased dating app that will — you guessed it — incorporate AI into online dating. Insider first spotted the new app on the Apple App Store, listed under the same developer as Dispo, All Summer Long, Inc.

Daniel Liss, cofounder and CEO of Dispo, is listed as the primary contact for the new app. Dobrik is not involved in the launch and development of TeaserAI, the company confirmed to Insider. Teaser AI did not provide Insider with further comments about its app.

According to the app's description, users will be able to match with people and then chat with an AI version of the match.

"When you start Teaser AI, our AI starts learning about you — through your profile and chats, it gets smarter every time," the app description says. "Prospective matches can chat with your AI, and you can chat with theirs ... When a match occurs, we show that AI conversation in the chat, and you both take over from there."

Teaser AI is set to launch later in May, per its app store listing, just as the AI fever continues to spread across Silicon Valley and media.

Dispo, which raised $20 million in Series A funding led by Spark Capital at a valuation of about $200 million, offers photo sharing, photo filters, and other features. The app first launched in December 2019, as "David's Disposable," and was designed to mimic the experience of using a disposable camera.

In 2021, Dobrik resigned from his role at Dispo after an Insider investigation into a former member of his Vlog Squad creator group, and stepped down from the board. Some investors also severed ties with the company.

The new dating app from Dispo's team comes as AI has been sweeping the creator economy. Some podcasters have been testing ChatGPT and other AI tools, while tech platforms like YouTube are investing in the software through advertising and music.

Teaser AI has a goal of bringing this wave to dating, and "stop ghosting" with AI technology. The app also pledges to "ward off catfishing and creeps" by verifying profiles, according to the app store listing.

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