Updated 2020 Honda Civic Type R sees minor price increase

Joel Stocksdale

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Pricing is out for the 2020 Honda Civic Type R, and it has crept up a bit from last year. The new base price is $37,950, which is an increase of $695. Considering the amount of additional features and updates made to the Type R, that's a fairly reasonable up-charge.

Among the feature additions is the Honda Sensing suite of safety and driver aids. It includes automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist. The styling has been tweaked to downplay some of the fake vent openings as well as opening up the main grille for improved cooling. There are several mechanical updates including new two-piece front brake rotors that weigh a total of five pounds less, and Honda claims they provide better feel. The shocks have been retuned and stiffer bushings fitted. There's even a data logging tool that will be available as a phone app later this year.

There's still one missing pricing piece for the Type R, and that's the new Civic Type R Limited Edition. It features a few more performance enhancements and an exclusive Phoenix Yellow paint scheme. Only 600 units will be available in America. One thing we can say for sure, it will definitely cost more than the $37,950 of the regular car, even without inevitable dealer mark-ups. As for availability, the 2020 Type R will be arriving at dealers before spring, while the 2021 Limited Edition will go on sale this summer.

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