Upper Deck 2022 CHL - Defying the pack odds with 2 autos, a top prospect clearcut & a high gloss

Welcome back and today with have a NHL Draft Prospect inspired break. I have with me a Box of 2022 CHL hockey. We are joined by our Council of Bedards who are looking to intake another member. Will they be successful? Autographs are not guaranteed in each box, yet we hit 2. 1 of which is a top 50 prospect numbered out of 25 and the other is actually a tier C auto (1:280 packs). We also hit a high gloss and a top prospect clear cut (I honestly think he should've been #1) if that's not a hint. We were lucky to get our box from Dolly's sportscards in Toronto, Canada. We have been very very lucky with hits from boxes at this store. https://linktr.ee/dollysdowntown at $99 CAD a box, its not a bad gamble. Who do you think will be the top 3? Would love to hear it.