Vancouver police start hilarious Twitter beef with Manitoba RCMP

A hilarious Twitter battle broke out between two Canadian police departments — and it all started with this tweet from the Vancouver Police Department.

The Vancouver Police Department took to Twitter this week to announce it’s hiring. They did it in a roundabout way, however, while simultaneously getting into a Twitter war with Manitoba RCMP.

The VPD tweeted out a zinger to Manitoba, bringing attention to the blustering winter weather the province has been experiencing.

“Dear #Manitoba: We’re sorry to hear you’re still having snow. Sincerely, #Vancouver,” they wrote. “PS. Did anyone mention we’re hiring? #JoinVPD”

The tweet was accompanied by four stunning views from Vancouver, including a shot of two police officers on horses at the beach and a police cruiser parked along the shoreline at sunset.


Manitoba RCMP didn’t take their time clapping back in order to defend their province. They hit Vancouver where it hurts: by taking a swipe at their affordable housing crisis.

“Dear @VancouverPD,” they replied. “It’s ok, the snow melts quickly off the lawns of our affordable houses. Sincerely, #rcmpmb” They followed their response with the hashtags #freedom55 #mortgagefree

They also snuck in some photographic evidence.

Other Twitter users — including Winnipeg police — jumped in to add fuel to the fire.

It’s tough to say who won this battle, but we suspect the VPD likely got a few new resumes as a result.