Verdict expected for Okanagan death row dog

A Kelowna provincial court is expected to rule Tuesday afternoon on the fate of a dog that has been on "death row" for the past year and a half.

Dave Smith's dog Diesel has been the subject of 10 complaints ranging from charging at children to chasing cats since 2006.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan says the six-year-old German shepherd mix is aggressive and should be put down, but Smith is fighting the order and in the meantime, Diesel has been locked in the district dog pound.

Smith brought in a dog behaviour expert to assess the dog for his court battle against the regional district.

"He's not a dangerous dog. He's a very big dog, yes. He's a playful dog. Not a dangerous dog in the least," said Smith in June.

While the case has worked its way through the courts over the past 17 months, Smith says he hasn't been able to take Diesel home and is waiting anxiously for the verdict.

"There's a certain amount of stress. Then there's also a certain amount of anticipation 'cause I expect Diesel is coming home," said Smith.

"It's been a long haul for myself and a much longer haul for Diesel, but hopefully there'll be a positive resolution," he said.

Last week, the regional district settled out of court with another Okanagan family whose dog it also planned to put down.

Owner Jennifer Madsen said her family and the district agreed to a re-habilitation and training program for their dog, Shadow.

"It's like huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. We're happy. Oh it's sure good to see her out the back door every morning."

Madsen says she is looking to work with the Regional District to find a better way of dealing with dangerous dog complaints.

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