Video shows Air Canada flight's bumpy landing at Pearson airport

An Air Canada flight was caught on video making a rocky landing at Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Monday.

The video, shot by Michael Yaneff from Wake Turbulence Aviation and posted on YouTube, shows flight AC002 from Tokyo slamming into the runway and bouncing from side to side before landing. Air Canada said the plane was caught in crosswinds while arriving in Toronto.

"I've never seen anything like this," said Yaneff. "It literally took my breath away because it was terrifying. I thought I was almost going to witness a crash live on YouTube, which would have been absolutely awful."

Yaneff, who's studying to become a pilot, has been going to Pearson airport to take photos and do live streams of aviation since January.

"With the wind shear like that, I'm not sure there's much more they [the pilots] could have done," he said. "If it wasn't corrected by the pilots, that could have been a disaster."

"These sorts of things remind you that even with very skilled pilots and very great airplanes, a lot of times we're still at the mercy of the weather."

In a statement to CBC News, Air Canada said the Boeing 777 aircraft taxied to the gate normally after landing.

"As a precautionary measure, it was inspected before it was returned to service on Nov. 14. As part of its standard operating procedures, Air Canada is reviewing the event, including regulatory reporting requirements."

The airline said 373 customers were on board the plane, and there were no reported injuries.

Tahmeed Rahim was one of the passengers, and had taken the flight before. He will take it again next month, but says he's "a lot more hesitant" now.

"Everything felt great until the last minute," he said. "The landing was extremely rough. People got off their seats and it was a scary moment."

"It was surreal."