Video shows Chiefs defensive players mimicking Patrick Mahomes’ hand gesture

In a perfect world for Patrick Mahomes, immediately after he throws an incomplete pass the Chiefs coaching staff would let him know the next play call.

Alas, it takes seconds for the play to be given to Mahomes, and television cameras sometimes will show him asking for the call. Mahomes uses his non-verbal communication skills to make it known he wants to know the next play.

It’s this hand gesture/motion from Mahomes.

If you’ve wondered why Mahomes does that, now you know. He wants the play as soon as possible.

Mahomes’ teammates have seen it, even the defensive players. And in the NFL Films mic’d-up video from Super Bowl LVIII, cameras caught Mike Pennel, Chris Jones and George Karlaftis mimicking Mahomes.

The moment came when Jones said it was time for Mahomes to show off his rushing ability. Or as Jones put it: “We need Pat Vick,” a reference to former NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

This was a fun moment from the Super Bowl.