Video shows interesting conversation officials had before Super Bowl OT coin toss

Want to own a unique piece of Chiefs history?

The NFL is auctioning a couple of items from the Chiefs’ 25-22 overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. One is the ball used for the opening kickoff, which Harrison Butker booted for a touchback.

Bidding for the football, which you can find here, closes on Feb. 28.

The coin used before the game and ahead of overtime is also available for bids. The 49ers called the coin toss both times because they were designated as the visiting team. The Chiefs won the opening toss and the 49ers won the flip ahead of overtime.

As we know now, the second coin toss was superfluous.

NFL Films’ mic’d-up video shows what the Chiefs, 49ers and the game officials were saying before the coin toss ahead of overtime. It’s interesting to note that officials on both sidelines reported to referee Bill Vinovich before the toss.

The official on the 49ers’ sideline said they wanted the ball if they won the toss.

The official on the Chiefs’ sideline said they wanted to kickoff if they won the toss.

“He wants the ball,” Vinovich said of Niners coach Kyle Shanahan, “so he’s gonna get it either way.”

Vinovich knew the coin toss wasn’t necessary but it of course had to be done anyway.

This is a nice breakdown of the coin toss and thoughts on overtime from NFL Films and it shows Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ surprise at the 49ers’ decision to take the ball.

As we say at Christmas, this Super Bowl overtime showed it is better to give than to receive.