Meet Lebanon's 2-year-old chef

STORY: Meet Lebanon’s 2-year-old chef

Liam el Haddad or ‘Chef Popo’

Locator: Baabdat, Lebanon

Liam and his mom have more than a million followers on TikTok

(Cybele el Haddad, Mother)

"I put on the camera and he started talking to the camera. I was surprised because I didn't expect him to be that cute and friendly on camera. Surely, he is a baby, all babies are cute, but him standing, talking and explaining how the recipe works, this is a skill he has that not everyone has, and this is what also made our content successful."

The duo recreate and review famous recipes

and also share their own techniques

"When it gets messy in the kitchen and I have to try to get the ingredients for the recipe to work and for us to taste it, those are among the best moments. Some people are surprised that these moments make me laugh, other mothers would be going all over how chaotic things are. But for me, this is what draws childhood."

"I did not expect Liam to become this famous this quickly, honestly. I did not even think about it, that our content which we were filming to gather memories spread this much to millions of people around the world."