Regional Parliament Evacuated as High Tide Floods Historic Venice Building

The Regional Council of Veneto, in Venice, had to be evacuated on November 12, as the highest tide in 50 years flooded the city.

Water levels rose to 187 centimeters in some areas, the second highest recorded level, after a 194-centimeter tide in 1966, the city’s Twitter account said. The city said it expected a tidal peak of 160 centimeters by 10:30 am on November 13.

Many of the city’s landmarks, including the famous St Mark’s Square, were left submerged.

In a Twitter post, the city’s Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said that he would declare a state of emergency, and blamed the flooding on climate change.

Video posted here by the president of the Regional Council of Veneto, Roberto Ciambetti, shows the extent of the flooding inside the historic Palazzo Ferro Fini, and the subsequent clean-up . Credit: Roberto Ciambetti via Storyful