Severe Flooding in Bangladesh Affects Millions

Around 2.3 million people have been affected by the latest wave of torrential rain and flash flooding in 20 districts across Bangladesh, according to the Bangladesh Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief.

The World Food Programme (WFP) collaborated with the government to offer aid to over 275,000 citizens.

Around 250,000 people in three northwestern districts were given food.

But in the northern district of Kurigram, around 5,000 households (25,000 people) received the equivalent of $53 through bKash, an online banking app, as part of a new program called Forecast-Based Financing. This program was created to allow speedy access to cash for food, shelter, and services based on weather forecasts.

This footage shows severe flooding in Kurigram, Bangladesh, as people wade through the floodwaters and water rises inside homes.

The UN provided the following shotlist:

1. Drone shot of flooded houses. (shot July 18)
2. Interior of flooded house. (shot July 17)
3. People walking in floodwater. (shot July 17)
4. Man washing with floodwater. (shot July 17)
5. Nigar Dil Nahar of WFP Bangladesh saying, “Mostly, 80 to 90 percent of houses are already inundated by the floods. And crops are damaged and agricultural lands are already submerged. People have already shifted their houses to the highlands for shelters." (shot July 17)
6. Women receiving money from WFP staff via bKash (mobile banking). This cash, which arrived before the flood occurred, helps people pay for food and basic services. (shot July 17)
7. Nigar Dil Nahar of WFP Bangladesh saying, “WFP in this area is piloting a project called Forecast-Based Financing. Forecast-Based Financing is a project which allows us to use the flood and weather forecasts to trigger the cash transfers to the affected people.”
(shot July 17)
8. People on boats. (date not provided)
9. Women receiving WFP cash assistance. (date not provided)
10. Saleha Begum, recipient of WFP financing, saying, “We were given 4,500 taka and we are very happy. Everyone in the village, even in our sadness, we are happy. The money has helped me a lot." (shot July 17)
11. People cooking, feeding sheep, eating, a family walking in high water. (shot July 17) Credit: World Food Programme (WFP) via Storyful