Sweet, Sweet Silence: Dad Discovers Secret to Keeping Kids Quiet

Montreal man David Freiheit had his local Tim Hortons to thank for a rare moment of silence with his three children, posting the joyous moment to YouTube on January 18. Talking to camera, Freiheit says, “this is how you get silence, three donuts.”

Freiheit told Storyful, “I had the three kids for the day… It was nothing but screaming, noise, kids running around like wild animals.” That is until he took them on a trip to popular Canadian fast-food chain, Tim Hortons. Each child seemed content with their donut — a small price to pay for peace and quiet.

The bliss was short-lived, however, when Freiheit’s daughter decided to break the silence and inform him that her donut was almost finished.

Freiheit uploaded the video to his Twitter, receiving plenty of counterarguments to his methods, with several comments reminding him that things would change once “the sugar” kicks in. Credit: David Freiheit via Storyful