Taiwan - Amazing escape

Extraordinary amateur video from Taiwan has been released.

It shows a wave of water cascading down a hillside, then hitting a car.

The water is followed by a massive boulder which just misses the vehicle.

The man who made this footage, Lai Hong-Wei, said the driver and passenger inside the car suffered only minor injuries.

Tropical storm Kong-Rey dumped more than 500 millimetres of rain on Taiwan.

Officials have stated a total of 3600 residents have been evacuated, and trains and airplanes have been cancelled.

Rescue workers had to deal with flash flooding.

The government emergency centre says so far, three people have died.

A man and woman were rescued after their car became trapped in the southern city of Tainan.

Floodwater was reported to be up to second story level in some places in the west of the island.

Kong Rey is the second tropical storm to hit this month.

Forecasters say torrential rain could continue across Taiwan until Monday.