Vince Vaughn Shuts Down Tom Brady in BetMGM's Super Bowl Ad: 'You've Won Too Much, Tom' (Exclusive)

In a sneak peek of the upcoming spot, BetMGM jokingly bans the seven-time Super Bowl champion from using the sports betting app

All bets are off — if you’re Tom Brady!

That’s the hilarious premise for BetMGM’s Super Bowl ad, in which the G.O.A.T. gets told that he can’t wager on the sports betting app.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek of the spot, featuring Vince Vaughn and with cameos by Brady and hockey icon Wayne Gretzky, the Swingers star breaks the bad news to the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

“BetMGM is for everyone that loves sports betting, everyone, but Tom Brady,” Vaughn deadpans.

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"Wait, what did I do?” an incredulous Brady asks, to which the actor replies: “The truth is, you’ve won too much, Tom, you let others have their turn.”

As a montage of prospective gamblers — including a tailgater, a woman who thinks Brady is cute and Brady’s former babysitter — ask Vaughn if they can use BetMGM, and he signs off on all of them.

“As long as you’re not Tom Brady, you’re in,” he says.

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Even when the football legend, disguised in an early 2000s denim ensemble as “Tim Birdie, seven-time pool champion” asks if he can use the sports bettor, Vaughn doesn’t fall for the ruse.

“You already know the answer, why you puttin’ us through it,” a bemused Vaughn — dining with Gretzky a G.O.A.T. in his own right who is deemed eligible to use the site — says.

For the ad’s creators, the opportunity to work with Brady was an easy bet to take.

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“Our core idea is centered around the fact that BetMGM is for everyone (as long as they are of legal age!),” Alex Zamiar, group creative director at ad agency Highdive tells PEOPLE. “When Tom Brady signed on, we wanted to tap into his legacy and personality and tell a story that had never been told before. Tom wins at everything he does, so we found the idea of him not being able to win really funny. Luckily, he was game for making fun of himself and it went from there.”

The ad’s creative team also relished the opportunity to say no to Tom by upping the ante with another legendary athlete — Gretzky.

“The Super Bowl is all about surprising people and subverting expectations,” Highdive’s Johnathan Richman said. “So, once we had the idea of excluding Tom Brady from betting with BetMGM, we loved the idea of turning the screws on Tom even more by allowing another living legend to participate with a cameo from Wayne Gretzky.”

And Zamiar points to the Brady-as-pool-shark scene as a metaphor for the commercial itself.

“When we shot the pool scenes Tom sunk almost every shot,” Zamiar said. “That guy really is good at everything, that’s why we think the commercial is so relatable, at least the rest of us can have something he can’t.”

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