The viral Delta flight incident over explosive diarrhea has inspired comedian Margaret Cho and others online to share their own on-fight bathroom crisis stories

  • Actress and comedian Margaret Cho shared a hilarious story of getting diarrhea "so bad" on a plane she "disassociated."

  • Her story follows the viral incident involving a Delta flight that was forced to make a U-turn due to similar circumstances.

  • Cho's clip has inspired viewers to share their own on-flight bathroom emergencies.

The comedian and actress Margaret Cho has shared a video about how she once got diarrhea "so bad" on an airplane that passengers nearby began to worry that there was a "fuel leak." As fans laughed on, they were also inspired to divulge their own distressing defecation tales.

Cho's anecdote comes after the viral news story this week about a flight from Atlanta to Barcelona that had to be diverted back after a passenger had diarrhea "all the way through the cabin," the pilot was heard saying in an audio transmission.

In Cho's video, posted to TikTok on Wednesday, and which has been viewed over 570,000 times, the celebrity gave a play-by-play narration of how an airplane journey turned catastrophic.

"Diarrhea on a plane? I've had it," she began her storytime.


"It came with gas," she continued. "I kept going up and down and going to the bathroom and then sitting back down. And the smell was so bad, but also not human, that other people near me started to think there was something wrong with the plane."

Cho said travelers near her began whispering that there was something wrong with the jet fuel, or "something was burning," and people started panicking, eventually alerting the airplane personnel.

"I dissociated, I put my AirPods in," she said. "I just watched as people started to panic and look around."

Cho said she didn't know what happened in the end because she was so mortified by the experience.

The comments were full of people cracking jokes, saying this was their worst nightmare, and commiserating with Cho over her gastrointestinal crisis. Multiple top comments, each with hundreds of likes, were from people who said they take medicines before flights as a preventative measure. "I take 2 Imodium before every flight I'm literally so paranoid about this," one user wrote.

Other people felt emboldened to share their own disaster dispatches. One viewer said they "shit so bad" on a 14-hour flight that they clogged the toilet.

Another commenter said they got diarrhea right before takeoff and delayed the departure. "They wouldn't start the plane until I got out of the toilet," the person wrote. "They almost kicked me off the plane. Customs checked me." Perhaps the unfortunate comment was from a user who said they had diarrhea and were puking at the same time on a 6-hour flight back from Hawaii, and needed to be wheeled out of the plane in a wheelchair.

One user even said they have stopped flying altogether, preferring to drive places instead, because of the risk of diarrhea.

Cho and commenters are not the only ones sympathizing with the Delta passenger. This week, the TikToker @mariamas.trench went viral urging people not to shame or laugh at the incident, as it seemed completely uncontrollable.

"Come on guys, let's be for real," they said in a video with 1.3 million views. "Let's use our human senses and common sense and just understand and have empathy — and know that this could happen to you," she said.

Insider has reached out to Cho for further comment.

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