Is Virgin River Pregnancy a TV Record? Is DWTS Cast Nicely Aged? Who Should Play Minx Ex? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Minx, Dancing With the Stars, Harley Quinn and Virgin River!

AHS: Delicate
AHS: Delicate

1 | Who wore it best — Cara Delevingne in the American Horror Story: Delicate trailer, or Jane Badler in V?

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2 | Did you go into Hallmark’s Guiding Emily thinking it’d be more about Emily bonding with her guide dog? And then were surprised that they didn’t get paired until the very, very end?

3 | Taking a cue from Virgin River viewer/TVLine reader Dousee, we’ll ask: Is 53-54 episodes officially the longest pregnancy in the history of live-action* primetime television? (*Giving Family Guy‘s Bonnie her [over]due!) And if so, is Sistas‘ Karen coming for that crown?

4 | If Minx lands another season, who would you like to see cast as Doug’s ex-wife? (It’s gotta be Zooey Deschanel, yes?)

5 | On The Chi, did Nuck’s report that local businesses don’t want to launder Douda’s money seem odd? Do… they actually have the opportunity to refuse? Doesn’t the crime boss just intimidate and threaten everyone into doing his will?

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

6 | Did anyone else find it odd that The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’s titular hero let Sister Isabelle give him a bath? And, erm, what exactly was she reaching for here? (Mon Dieu!) Also, was it really necessary for Codron’s brother to have been among the killed soldiers for him to want Daryl captured?

7 | Did you notice Winning Time‘s meta wink in casting Jay Mohr as Kareem’s agent — when Mohr is now married to the real-life Jeanie Buss?

8 | Where does this year’s American Ninja Warrior rank among incredibly emotional finishes?


9 | On WWE Raw, who rocks a better mullet: Dirty Dom or Jey Uso?

10 | Is it just us, or is it kinda obvious that Only Murders in the Building’s Ben was Loretta’s secret son? Or, as TVLine reader Marc suggests: “With the reveal that Ben’s brother was adopted, do they want us to think that Loretta is Dickie’s mother?”

11 | Between The Swarm and Ahsoka, Tuesday was a big night for whales, eh?

12 | Were you pleasantly surprised by the number of 50- and 60-somethings in Dancing With the Stars’ Season 32 lineup? Which of them do you think will be an unexpectedly serious contender for the Mirrorball? And dare we hope that Barry Williams dances to either of the Brady kids’ classics, “Keep on Movin'” or “It’s A Sunshine Day”?

13 | Does anyone believe that The Morning Show‘s Alex would hit the New York City streets for a 3:30 am run, instead of a treadmill? (C’mon, that schmancy building she lives in must have a well-appointed gym, right?) How important was all of that physical training, anyway, given that Bradley could just sub in on the rocket launch at the last moment? And in Episode 2, what possessed Chip and Bradley to get in an elevator when the entire building was losing power? The stairs were right there!

The Bear MasterChef
The Bear MasterChef

14 | If you watched The Bear Season 2, was it hard not to see Cousin Richie when MasterChef’s Joe Bastianich worked the front of house at Hell’s Kitchen?

15 | All told, did this season of Harley Quinn just have far too little Clayface? And with all the changes going on at DC, do you think we’ll ever get to actually see the female team-up teased at the end of the finale?

16 | Big Brother fans, did you kinda love Josh Duhamel’s laidback, I’ve-been-friends-with-all-of-you-for-years vibe while hosting this week’s veto competition, compared to the show’s usual over-the-top enthusiasm? Isn’t it disappointing that the show doesn’t let its staple “endurance” Wall Comp last longer, à la the Pressure Cooker? And with a double eviction looming for next Thursday, which two houseguests do you want to see leave the house and not make jury?

17 | Does anyone believe Frasier Crane, who fancies a very specific design aesthetic, would have chosen anything as seen in our first glimpse at his new apartment (above, from revival trailer)?

18 | Unless ABC’s Generation Gap taped Season 2 before Season 1 began airing, how did the families not coach their “tot” to pick out the bigger grand prize? Sure, it is “adorable” to see the tyke go for the bounce house, but couldn’t any family really need $30K?

19 | Wilderness on Prime Video premiere spoilers! The grave at the end of Episode 1 has to be a fake-out, right? It’s not the husband, but someone else? Maybe his mistress?

20 | What has ABC yet to announce that will be airing on Monday nights this fall? A rotation of Marvel/Star Wars episodes from Disney+? A secretly taped American Idol season? Or simply more Monday Night Football?

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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