Vote: Will you support Tim Hortons' Roll up the Rim amidst controversy?

An August 2014 photo of a Tim Hortons drive thru sign in Toronto. Photo from Getty Images.

On Wednesday, February 7th, Tim Hortons is once again launching the beloved Canadian Roll up the Rim contest.

According to the Tim’s website, over 36 million prizes were won last year and this year the contest is taking place in over 3,500 Canadian locations.

The company has battled controversy recently over the minimum wage hike in Ontario and certain franchise decisions to cut benefits to employees in response. This prompted some customers to say they’d be taking their business elsewhere, but Tim Hortons still alleges it is the franchise owners, not parent company, that is enforcing the controversial employee changes.

So we want to know – will you support Tim Hortons’  Roll up the Rim contest this year?