Waitress run over outside restaurant in dispute over unpaid bill, Michigan cops say

Authorities in Michigan are searching for two people accused of running over a waitress outside a restaurant.

The incident happened at 7:40 p.m. Friday, Feb. 16, in the parking lot of El Camino Restaurant in Keego Harbor, according to the Keego Harbor Police Department.

Police said the occupants of a Mercedes — a man and woman in their mid to late 50s — left the restaurant without paying all of their bill. They began to drive away when their waitress confronted them.

The waitress stood in front of the Mercedes as she told the man and woman they needed to pay the full amount of their bill, police said. That’s when the couple struck the waitress, running over her legs, according to the department.

“I just remember, oh my gosh, that did not just happen,” the waitress, Keirah Stack, told WXYZ. “There’s no way they ran me over and are just pulling off.”

Stack, who told the station she is “extremely sore,” said the incident happened after the couple complained about multiple drinks they were given. They ate their appetizers and consumed part of their drinks when they left before their entrees were delivered, she said.

Police are now searching for the driver and passenger of the dark-colored Mercedes with a possible partial license plate of DY9003. Anyone with information is asked to contact Keego Harbor police at 248-682-3030.

“We’re a family and no matter who you hurt in this family, we all stick together,” El Camino general manager Brianna Furton told WXYZ. “We’re doing everything in our power to find these people that hurt one of our own.”

Keego Harbor is about 30 miles northwest of Detroit.

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