Warming hut at The Forks pulled out of the river after water seeped inside

Warming hut at The Forks pulled out of the river after water seeped inside

One of warming huts at the Forks had to be pulled out of the water near where the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet Friday afternoon after a crack formed in the ice and water seeped inside.

Now staff at the Forks is filling the crack that was under the warming hut,

"So, the water was sort of pooling on top of the surface [of the ice] and collecting around the [warming hut] and it gave the appearance that it was sinking," said Chelsea Thomson, spokesperson for The Forks.

The hut, which is called The Hole Idea and designed by Toronto architecture firm Weiss Architecture & Urbanism, was moved to another area, Thomson said.

Tow trucks were brought down to the ice and chains were attached to the corrugated metal tube, which made its debut along the skating trail in 2015.

Thomson also said the hut — which is designed to be covered in snow — weighs more than other huts, which may have contributed to the crack in the ice.

David Pancoe with The Forks Renewal Corporation agrees with Thompson that the hut's weight may have played a factor.

"In hindsight ... we shouldn't have put it here because this is an area that's a little more susceptible to this type of thing happening," Pancoe said.

Thomson said all activities, including the Iron Man Outdoor Curling Bonspiel, are still on at The Forks on Saturday and Sunday.

The area has been tested and the ice is still thick enough, she said.