Watch: 120 players participate in table tennis rally for world record

March 22 (UPI) -- A table tennis club in Northern Ireland teamed up with an Olympic gold medalist to retake a Guinness World Record.

Mary Peters, who won the gold at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972, joined the Ormeau Table Tennis Club in Belfast to try to break the record for the most consecutive opponents in a table tennis rally.

The club originally broke the record in 2017, but it was taken in 2022 by Chinese player Wen Wei Xu and the Brighton Table Tennis Club in England.

The club needed at least 117 players in the rally to tie the record.

"We believe, it's yet to be counted and verified, but we believe we got to 120," coach Keith Knox told the Belfast Telegraph.

Peters was presented with an Ormeau Table Tennis Club jersey after the successful completion of the attempt.