Watch 9-1-1 get tense as Athena clashes with mom over her dad's accident

Family crises are never easy, but things are particularly tough between Athena and her mom on Monday night's 9-1-1.

Last week's season 6 premiere ended with Athena (Angela Bassett) on the phone with her mom (Beverly Todd) as her father (Henry G. Sanders) accidentally drives into their family home. Forgoing their delayed honeymoon, Athena and Bobby (Peter Krause) rush to Florida to help — and in a preview clip exclusive to EW, things are not going well.

Bobby and Athena are looking at the remodel that needs to be done, and in addition to fixing what's broken, they hope to update the windows and change the patio stairs into a ramp. Athena's mom, Beatrice, does not take to that well. "Update what? I like my house," she says as they're discussing the changes.

"Mama, we don't know what's going to happen with Daddy. He may have to spend time at a rehab facility, but when he comes home we want him to have more space," Athena replies.

"You're acting like he's already dead, talking about updating my house," Beatrice continues. "You want to sell it. I'm not surprised. You'll be glad when you're rid of us and go back to your fancy life in California."

After last week's premiere, showrunner Kristen Reidel told EW she was excited to explore Athena's relationship with her parents: "We have talked many times about going to Florida and seeing Athena's family, and doing another kind of story with them. It just seemed like this great opportunity where once again, Bobby and Athena's honeymoon plans are dashed. She has to go home and deal with her parents who are getting older, and the fear that comes with that: the fear of your parents are getting older and now you have to parent your parents, and what that really means, which is you're just so much closer to losing them."

See it all play out on 9-1-1 tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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