Watch adorable foal with the ‘zoomies’ rocket around meadow on NC’s Outer Banks

A foal named Dove gave viewers a dose of serotonin after she was filmed racing across an open meadow in North Carolina.

Dozens of horses populate the shores of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. The famous wild horses were originally brought over by 1500s Spanish ships, according to the Currituck County website.

Dove is the first wild foal of 2023 born in Corolla in the Outer Banks, according to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. She was first spotted March 26 and is only a few days old, according to the organization.

Corolla Wild Horse fund shared a video captured by Barbara Pardue of Dove racing across the meadow, which got thousands of views.

“Go Dove go!” the organization wrote above the video, adding that Dove got the “zoomies” in the field.

“Whether roaming the sand-streets or enjoying the fine sea mist on the shores of Corolla, these horses are free to wander as they please,” Currituck County wrote on its website. “They stroll through neighborhoods and yards, pausing to nibble a bite of grass, sea oats, live oak tree leaves or persimmons.”

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund reminded visitors to stay at least 50 feet away from the wild horses and to not crowd the horses.

“Be especially mindful of Dove and her family if you are fortunate enough to see them!” the organization said.

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