Watch: Charging lion creates heart-pounding moment, epic shot

A male lion known as Mad Eye Moody was captured in video charging photographers in Chobe National Park in Botswana.

Mad Eye Moody was in protective mode of its mate, who was lying down in the background.

“Lions will usually do this when they are on their three-day mating binges to let anything and anyone know that the female is theirs and they better not even think of getting in the way or there will be consequences,” LionHub101 wrote on its Instagram post of @movingpicturesafrica’s video.

WildestAfrica wrote that it is usual for male lions in this state to be moody and temperamental, and described the footage as a “heart-pounding moment.”

“This did turn out for an opportunity to get an epic shot, @movingpicturesafrica behind the lens capturing it all, so focused on the job he was unaware of how close Mad Eye actually was,” WildestAfrica wrote.

Story originally appeared on For The Win