Watch: Chinese man regurgitates stream of water for nearly 6 minutes

March 28 (UPI) -- A Chinese man drank 1.1 gallons of water and brought it back up to serve as a human fountain for a record-breaking 5 minutes and 51.88 seconds.

Ma Hui, 35, downed the water and used his muscle control to regurgitate the liquid and spray a stream of water from his mouth to more than sextuple Ethiopian man Kirubel Yilma's record of 56.36 seconds.

Guinness World Records said the rules for the longest time to spray water from the mouth category required the water from Hui's mouth to be spurted or sprayed, with no dribbling allowed. The record attempt ends when the stream breaks or stops.

GWR said water spouting is a trick involving precise muscle control and has been performed since at least the 17th century.