Watch: Contortionist, hula hoop performer team up for 'human belt' record

May 8 (UPI) -- A contortionist and a hula hoop performer teamed up in Britain to break an unusual Guinness World Record involving a "human belt."

Liberty Barros, a dancer and contortion expert, wrapped herself around the middle of hula hooper Mariam "Amazí" Olayiwola's body to break the record for most double arm hula hoop rotations with a human belt in 30 seconds (team of two).

Barros held onto her own feet while wrapped around Olayiwola's waist, creating a "human belt."

Olayiwola was then able to perform 79 double arm hula hoop rotations, surpassing the goal of 45 set by Guinness World Records.

Barros then attempted a second record for the most splits in one minute. She managed to get in and out of the position 42 times in one minute, breaking the record of 30.