How to Watch Every 2024 Oscar-Nominated Film

The Oscars (March 10) are finally, finally almost here. Come March 11, we can finally start talking about movies that aren’t Academy Award-nominated! Actually, make that March 12, as March 11 will be a day of chips still falling as pundits and amateur Oscar sleuths sift the wreckage and remains of what went right or wrong, bemoaning or celebrating their placement in Oscar pools and online rankings. Oh, and there are of course the awards PR reps doing the same.

If you’re reading this website and haven’t seen a bevy of this year’s Oscar nominees, we’re here to help tell you where you can watch them right now from home. There are a few — like “Godzilla Minus One,” not streaming any place right now — you won’t be able to crash-watch tht in the leadup to Sunday’s 96th annual Oscars, airing on ABC at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET, an unusually early time that also accounts for Daylight Savings Time hitting with a blunt thwack that Sunday morning. Fall back into movies already released and well-covered in 2023, and spring forward into new films that (for now) have nothing to do with the Academy Awards.

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Haven’t seen “Oppenheimer”? We’ve got you covered in our guide below. Still haven’t caught up with “Maestro”? We’ve got you covered, too, though it probably doesn’t take a savant conductor or theoretical physicist to tell you how to watch either on Peacock or Netflix.

But hiding in the wings are other worthy contenders at your fingertips, like Best Documentary Oscar nominee “The Eternal Memory” on Paramount+, or fellow Best Doc nominee “20 Days in Mariupol” still available to stream for free on YouTube via Frontline and PBS. Often left under the radar and leaving people adrift in the Oscar pools are this year’s best shorts contenders, which are online (and in theaters!) if you know where to look. Wes Anderson’s Live Action Short frontrunner, “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar,” is on Netflix, and so is the David Oyelowo-starring “The After.”

Most of the feature nominees, meanwhile, are available to stream right now, and with subscriptions you already have or that you can surely get a free trial for (or use someone else’s login). Read on for where to watch them as you scramble to make your Oscar picks before Sunday. (And follow along with IndieWire’s own predictions here if you need a lift.)

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