Watch first Survivor 44 premiere footage: 'I'll grab your puke bag'

Watch first Survivor 44 premiere footage: 'I'll grab your puke bag'

The official Survivor 44 cast list has been revealed, along with fancy contestant photos and bios. But that's not enough! We want more! And now we have it.

At today's CBS Winter 2023 Virtual Press Junket, the network aired an eight-minute clip from the upcoming two-hour Survivor 44 season premiere on March 1, complete with an introduction from host Jeff Probst. "We have a great group of players that are entertaining, they're dynamic, they're funny," Probst told the media in a video. "I think you're going to be very engaged with them this season. And the first episode… is packed. Part of it with stuff that we expected because it's part of the game design that we lay out. Part of it, very unexpected, because that's what happens when you do an unscripted show like this and you turn it over to 18 people to go play. You just don't know what's going to happen."

Survivor 44
Survivor 44

CBS The 'Survivor 44' cast and Jeff Probst

While the full video was only screened for journalists, a shorter cut has now been released for the entire viewing public, and in it we learn the tribe divisions to start the game, as well as tribe names (Ratu for the orange tribe, Soka for green, and Tika for purple). We also learn that a contestant named "Yam Yam" is ready to do whatever it takes, including helping handle any bodily fluids: "If you have to puke out everything you have inside, if you have to sweat every tear — we are a family here, so bring it. I'll grab your puke bag. I'll wipe away your tears."

The premiere preview also leans into Survivor's rich history, showcasing both the thrill of victory and agony of "da feet" — with a montage of misery and suffering over the years that serves as a warning sign to anyone expecting a beach vacation.

As for what else the media got to see in the longer clip, it was the season's first reward challenge, and it is one filled with mud, blood, a new twist for the losers, and a very dramatic conclusion. What kind of conclusion? Well, let's just say that Probst's earlier warning to EW about "the danger of living in the jungle is real" this season comes to vivid life just minutes into the premiere.

Watch the video for yourself at the top of the post and take a gander below at the three tribes ready to do battle on Survivor 44.

RATU tribe (orange):
Matthew Grinstead-Mayle, Barbershop Owner
Brandon Cottom, Security Specialist
Kane Fritzler, Law Student
Jaime Lynn Ruiz, Yogi
Lauren Harpe, Elementary School Teacher
Maddy Pomilla, Charity Projects Manager

SOKA tribe (green):
Josh Wilder, Surgical Podiatrist
Frannie Marin, Research Coordinator
Danny Massa, NYC Firefighter
Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt, Engineering Manager
Matt Blankinship, Security Software Engineer
Claire Rafson, Tech Investor

TIKA tribe (purple):
Bruce Perreault, Insurance Agent
Sarah Wade, Management Consultant
Yamil "Yam Yam" Arocho, Salon Owner
Helen Li, Product Manager
Carson Garrett, NASA Engineering Student
Carolyn Wiger, Drug Counselor

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