Watch Heat’s Jimmy Butler star in Fall Out Boy’s new music video

Jimmy Butler’s “emo” look on Miami Heat media day in October caught the attention of many inside and outside the basketball world.

The rock band, Fall Out Boy, was among those amused by Butler’s media day antics, inviting the Heat star to show off the look in one of its music videos. Butler accepted the invite.

The music video came out Thursday, with Butler dancing and lip-syncing the lyrics of the song while wearing a purple cowboy outfit. Like media day, Butler flattened his hair and wore dark eyeliner for the “So Much (For) Stardust” video.

Should Fall Out Boy now be referred to as Ball Out Boy? Or should Butler now be called Heat Wentz in honor of one of the band’s most famous members, Pete Wentz? One thing is for sure, their collaboration has gone viral.

Here’s the video ...