Watch: Kangaroo recaptured after escape during Ontario zoo pit stop

Dec. 4 (UPI) -- A kangaroo that escaped from its handler during a pit stop at an Ontario zoo was captured early Monday after multiple days on the loose.

Durham Regional Police said the kangaroo and at least one more of its species was being transported to Quebec when the driver made a pit stop at the Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm, east of Toronto, to allow the animals to have some time outdoors.

Cameron Preyde, park supervisor and head keeper for the Oshawa Zoo, said the kangaroo vaulted over its handlers and escaped after being unloaded from the truck.

Videos circulated on social media showing the kangaroo hopping alongside Oshawa roads on Friday.

Durham police said the kangaroo was located by officers about 3 a.m. and it was captured about three hours later with assistance from the marsupial's handlers.

The kangaroo was examined by Oshawa Zoo veterinarians and found to be in good health. The kangaroo was taken to continue its journey to a zoo in Quebec.