Watch: Biden meets Pittsburgh steelworkers in campaign appearance

Watch as Joe Biden visited Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he delivered campaign remarks to steelworkers on Wednesday, 17 April.

The US president met staff at the United Steelworkers Headquarters, where he called for higher tariffs on Chinese metals in the “Steel City.”

Mr Biden’s proposed tariffs are part of a package of policies aimed at pleasing the swing state, but risk angering Beijing.

The president has proposed raising to 25 per cent the tariffs imposed by Donald Trump on particular steel and aluminum products from China, according to an administration official.

The current average tariff on certain steel and aluminum products is 7.5 per cent under Section 301.

According to a White House statement, Mr Biden is also directing his senior team to work with Mexico to jointly prevent China’s and other countries’ evasion of tariffs on steel and aluminum that is imported from Mexico into the US.