Watch live: Danish Queen Margrethe II abdicates after 52 years on the throne

Danish Queen Margrethe II will officially step down today (14 January) after 52 years on the throne.

The monarch made the announcement on New Year’s Eve that she would become the first in almost 900 years of Danish history to give up the title, citing her recent back surgery as one of the decision-making factors.

Today she will sign an abdication at a state council, making Crown Prince Frederik the new kng.

The Danish prime minister will mark Frederik’s new reign from the balcony of Christiansborg Palace and the King will be part of a carriage ride, however, there will be no major ceremony, unlike in the UK.

Local news sources reported that Frederik only learned of Queen Margrethe’s decision three days before it became public.

Frederik has trained in all three branches of the Danish Armed Forces, and has been a big advocate for sustainability issues and women’s rights.