Watch as foreign secretary David Cameron takes questions in House of Lords

Watch as David Cameron takes questions in the House of Lords on Tuesday 12 March.

The foreign secretary is likely to be questioned on increasing the amount of humanitarian aid to Gaza as he speaks to peers in the chamber.

Foreign Office minister Andrew Mitchell, meanwhile, has said the British government will be pressing for a full investigation into reports Gazan medical staff were beaten and humiliated by Israeli troops.

The BBC reported that staff at Nasser Hospital, in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis, were blindfolded, forced to strip, and were repeatedly beaten by soldiers from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

The IDF has not responded directly to accounts the BBC has put to it, but denies medical staff were harmed in its operation.

Mr Mitchell said the government would be pressing for a full explanation and an investigation into the reports, after being asked about them in the House of Commons.

The minister, who acts as a deputy for Lord Cameron in the Commons, told MPs: “We have seen these reports. I think that a full explanation and investigation is required and that is what the British government is pressing for.”