Watch live: World Economic Forum advisers hold briefing on Zelensky’s peace plan for Ukraine

Security advisers at the World Economic Forum (WEF) are giving a briefing on President Zelensky’s peace plan for Ukraine, as the country returns to Davos for the first time since the war began.

Ukraine and Switzerland will host around 120 national security advisors today (14 January), one day before the official meeting commences.

According to the latest participants’ list, no official Russian delegate or firm will attend, after the WEF distanced itself from them following the initial invasion.

Zelensky released his ‘10-point peace plan’ back in December 2022, however, implementation of the measures set out isn’t expected to be discussed until this meeting.

The plan includes withdrawal of Russian troops, protection of food, nuclear safety, restoration, and the release of all prisoners.

When the main event kicks off tomorrow (15 January), Swiss defence minister, Viola Amherd, will deliver the welcome address.