Watch: Man rants furiously at Rishi Sunak over Covid vaccine

Rishi Sunak was subjected to a man’s furious rant over the Covid vaccine during a live forum on GB News on Monday (13 February).

John Watt, gestured towards the prime minister as he claimed he was among 30,000 that had suffered side effects as a result of receiving the Covid vaccine.

In a rant lasting more than one minute, the Scottish native claimed he had been left with a lasting heart condition.

Mr Sunak replied: “I’m very sorry to hear about your personal circumstances.”

The prime minister said it was “difficult” to comment on individual cases but was “happy to go and look at cases”.

The Government’s website states: “Following widespread use of these vaccines across the UK, the vast majority of suspected adverse reaction reports confirm the safety profile seen in clinical trials.”

It concludes: "The benefits of the vaccines in preventing Covid 19 and serious complications associated with Covid 19 far outweigh any currently known side effects."