Survivor season 46: How and when to watch the premiere

Survivor season 46: How and when to watch the premiere

Survivor is returning with its 46th season this month and will welcome 18 new contestants to compete for the coveted $1m (£794,000) prize.

Longtime host Jeff Probst will reprise his role as host from the islands of Fiji, where the castaways will be divided into three tribes of six to compete in a series of challenges.

The contestants must create their own shelters and forage for their food, as they “endure a faster, more intense season from the moment they step foot on the beach”.

“These determined players must form a new society and adapt to their physical and social surroundings while facing difficult obstacles and navigating a complex social game,” a statement from CBS adds.

“The moral dilemmas, extreme situations and new twists in the game will test even the strongest competitor, and the mental and physical challenges require players to masterfully evolve their strategies to survive another day.”

The forthcoming series will debut with two, two-hour episodes airing on Wednesday 28 February and Wednesday 6 March, beginning at 8pm ET/PT on CBS. 90-minute episodes will air weekly after that.

‘Survivor’ season 46 cast (Paramount+)
‘Survivor’ season 46 cast (Paramount+)

Paramount+ subscribers will also be able to stream the episode live. It will also be available to Paramount+ Essential subscribers the next day on the platform.

Survivor debuted in 2000, and is one of the most popular reality series in the US. Its season 45 premiere in October last year saw an 83 per cent increase in viewership from the 2022 season. The rest of the season maintained a six per cent increase in viewership, according to Nielsen data.

The forthcoming season comes hot on the heels of season 45, which wrapped in December. It saw 26-year-old Dee Valladares from Havana, Cuba beat fellow contestants Austin Li Coon and Jake O’Kane in a final jury vote of 5-3-0 for the final prize.

Survivor features a diverse group of contestants from all over the globe. While they all currently reside in the US, there are a number who originally hail from countries such as Guyana and India.