Watch: Penn State wrestling coach Cael Sanderson defends music in ‘awkwardly quiet’ Rec Hall

Penn State wrestling spectators have noticed something different at Rec Hall, and while not everyone is a fan of new background music at the venue, coach Cael Sanderson sees it as a solution to the “awkwardly quiet” environment.

“If people made more noise, we would turn the music off,” Sanderson said Friday night after the Ohio State dual. “It’s just so quiet in there. I mean, you can hear a four year old kid up in the corner yell ‘We Are,’ and if that’s the case, it’s too quiet.”

Sanderson said he did hear some fan complaints on Friday, but he was undeterred.

“The music’s not coming off. We like it. We might crank it up a little bit more,” he said with a smile.

Watch Sanderson’s full comments in the video above.