Watch: Police responding to home invasion locate squirrelly suspect

Feb. 6 (UPI) -- Police in Missouri shared body camera footage from the moment officers investigating a possible home invasion came face-to-face with the perpetrator -- a squirrel.

The Liberty Police Department posted body camera footage to Facebook showing officers entering a home where an intrusion alarm was triggered.

"Noises could be heard coming from inside of the home," the post said. "Officers entered the house. Noises continued."

The video shows an officer with his gun drawn locating the suspect.

"Oh, it's right there, it's a squirrel," the officer said.

The officer lets out a loud scream when the squirrel startles him by breaking into a run.

A wanted poster at the end of the video states "Rocky the squirrel" remains at large.

"Approach with extreme caution," the poster states.