Watch: Porcupines escape Scottish farm, wander to nearby neighborhood

March 19 (UPI) -- A pair of porcupines escaped from a farm park in Scotland and caused a scene when they were spotted wandering through a residential neighborhood.

Officials at Dalscone Farm Park, near Dumfries, said two porcupines managed to break the door of their enclosure and made their way to Heathhall, about a mile away.

Ben Best, the farm park's owner, said a Healthhall resident called to report the porcupines were wandering through his back yard.

Best said personnel were able to wrangle the animals into a trailer for transport back to the facility.

The park joked on social media that the porcupines "broke the Internet" when they were spotted by neighborhood residents.

Best said the porcupines were not injured during their time on the loose.