Watch: Ukrainian strongman uses beard, neck and teeth to break world records

March 11 (UPI) -- A Ukrainian strongman put the power of his beard, neck and teeth to the test and broke three Guinness World Records.

Dmytro Hrunskyi broke three records in one day, starting with the heaviest vehicle pulled by the beard.

Hrunskyi originally attempted the record in 2019, but failed when his beard hairs were pulled out of his chin from the strain.

The strongman said he grew his beard longer for his second try and experimented with different braiding techniques to maximize the strength of his facial hair.

He successfully used his chin whiskers to pull a 5,687-pound minibus, breaking the previous record of 4,303 pounds.

Hrunskyi's second record attempt of the day was for the heaviest vehicle pulled by the neck. He previously set the Guinness World Record for heaviest train pulled by the neck, and was confident he could take the similar title.

He ended up hauling a 17,107-pound truck for the required distance of 16.4 feet and became the first person to hold the record.

The bodybuilder's last record of the day was for the most cars pulled with the teeth. Each car was placed in neutral with the engine off, and a driver was inside every car to make sure they rolled in a straight line.

He managed to pull the vehicles, totaling 19,365 pounds with their drivers, for the required distance.

"I dedicate these records to my country and our soldiers," Hrunskyi told Guinness World Records.