Waterloo Road airs shock accident in series finale

schumacher weaver waterloo road season 13
Waterloo Road airs shock accident in finaleScreen Grab - BBC

Waterloo Road spoilers for series 13, episode 8 follow. This article also discusses themes some may find upsetting.

Waterloo Road has aired a shock accident involving Nicky and Schuey in tonight's (February 26) series finale.

Schuey has been having a hard time lately. His upsetting home life was previously revealed when his abusive dad Pete Weever was brought in to speak to headteacher Kim Campbell over his son's bad behaviour.

Tonight's episode saw the teen's devastating storyline come to a head, with Pete knocking canteen worker Nicky over with his car.

Earlier in the episode, Nicky and Kim went to find Schuey to discuss his association with Tonya. The students recently teamed up to sell stolen goods.

waterloo road s13,episode 8, nicky walters and kim campbell
Screen Grab - BBC

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As the pair arrived at Schuey's house, they were shocked to find the teen locked in the boot of a car.

"You look like you were in there all night" said Nicky, to which Schuey replied: "Listen, you shouldn't even be here. All right? Your family grassed. Police came to our door and that's on you."

"Is that why your dad put you in there, because the police came?" asked a worried Kim, with a terrified Schuey remaining adamant that his dad didn't do anything.

Later, during a chat with social services, Schuey became agitated and left the room when he realised his dad was on his way to the school. Kim managed to calm him down, assuring him that she could help him.

schumacher weaver waterloo road season 13
Screen Grab - BBC

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An angry Pete soon arrived and got into a scuffle with Donte, who punched him to the ground. In retaliation, Pete drove his car at an unaware Donte, with Nicky quickly pushing him out of the way and getting knocked over herself as a result.

As Nicky recovered in hospital with her family, Schuey and his sister Portia were seen leaving Waterloo Road with a social worker.

Could this be the start of a new beginning for the teen?

Waterloo Road series 13 is currently airing on BBC One, while every episode can be watched now on iPlayer.

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