Wayne Brady: Coming out as pansexual has changed my life

Wayne Brady came out as pansexual in 2023 credit:Bang Showbiz
Wayne Brady came out as pansexual in 2023 credit:Bang Showbiz

Wayne Brady's DMs have been "popping" since he came out as pansexual.

The 51-year-old star revealed that he's pansexual - meaning he's attracted to people regardless of their sex or gender - in August 2023, and Wayne admits that it's totally changed his life.

He told E! News: "My DMs are popping and it's amazing."

Wayne revealed that he's even received some X-rated messages on social media.

He confessed: "It's shocking. Much respect to women, I'm sorry, I know you feel when a random guy just goes, 'Hey, I like you so much, I'ma show you my junk.' Like, no bro, that isn't necessarily the calling card that I want. But I'm flattered, thank you."

Wayne remains single for the time being. But he's been flattered by the attention he's recently received.

He said: "I've gotten attention from everybody and that's cool because, hey, I love everybody, so that's cool that everybody can love on me. So I'm single right now."

Wayne also hopes that his story can help to "inspire change".

He added: "I'm so free, because even educating others about what it means to be a pansexual, I had to educate myself about what it means to be a pansexual. What's that journey? You ask yourself, 'Wait, am I gay? Am I bi? Am I this? Am I attracted to her? To him? This is weird. Is that right?' The answer is all the above."

Meanwhile, Wayne previously claimed that it's "never too late to take hold of your story".

The actor told Yahoo Entertainment: "I've gotten so many DMs, emails and texts from people who, at a midpoint in their life, want to express themselves, whether it's changing their work or coming out.

"It’s never too late to take hold of your story … for teenagers, young adults, theatre students and young black men who question the idea of masculinity, and what it all means."