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The week of Feb. 14 in photos

A child cries while being lifted by men disguised as ‘Namahage’ wearing a demon like mask and a costume made of straw in Oga, Akita Prefecture, Japan, on Feb. 10, 2019. Namahage, considered divine messengers bringing blessings to people, visit houses in the area every New Year’s Eve, yelling and telling children they have to behave themselves in a tradition designated as one of Japan’s important intangible cultural assets. (Photo from Richard Atrero de Guzman/Nur Photo)

Week in photos: The images from last week you may have missed

Last week saw parts of the world blanketed in snow, ice and flowers, with Valentine’s Day falling in the dead of winter.

While people from Canada to Gaza stopped to smell the roses, thousands of right-wing demonstrators gathered in Spain to protest the country’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

The week also brought healing in Paradise, Calif. where residents are beginning to rebuild following the devastation of the Camp Fire in November, and in Parkland, Fla. where a community marked the first anniversary of the deadly Parkland school shooting on Feb. 14, 2018.

From back-to-back ice storms to the dark, hidden world of forced rhubarb farming, here are some of the most compelling images from last week.