Were you paying attention to the news this year? Test yourself with CBC Toronto's 2022 quiz

CBC Toronto’s 2022 news quiz gives you the chance to test what you remember about Ontario and local politics this year.   (Yan Theoret/CBC/Radio-Canada - image credit)
CBC Toronto’s 2022 news quiz gives you the chance to test what you remember about Ontario and local politics this year. (Yan Theoret/CBC/Radio-Canada - image credit)

Another pandemic year is coming to a close, filled with political promises and multiple elections keeping politicians on their toes.

But how much of the last 12 months' worth of news do you remember?

The on-air team at CBC Radio's Metro Morning tested their memory with our 2022 year-in-review news quiz about the year that was.

LISTEN | Metro Morning's on-air team tests their knowledge of what made news in 2022:

Think you're enough of a political nerd to beat our competitors? Grab a pen and paper and try to answer the 15 questions below:

The announcements that were

1. In an August news conference, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said, "Man he went right down the hatch." What was the premier referring to going "down the hatch?"


2. The Ontario government told parents that all elementary and high school students would be back in class on Jan. 17, but many schools in the GTA kept their doors closed. Why?

3. On what date did Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health drop the mandatory mask mandate for most indoor spaces?

A year of elections

It was a year of elections in this part of the country, from the provincial election in June to municipal elections right across the province in October. These next few questions challenge you to think back to those busy election times:

4. How many seats did Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives win this election?

5. Which party spent the most money on their campaign in the Ontario election?

6. This next question is worth one point for each correct name. In June, a handful of politicians made the leap from city hall to Queen's Park. Can you name any of the recently elected MPPs who served on Toronto city council?

7. Can you name a politician in the GTA who both lost in one election and then won a different election later this year?

Joe Pavia/CBC
Joe Pavia/CBC

8. In October's Toronto municipal election, which ward had the closest race in the final count?

A. York South Weston

B. Toronto Centre

C. Spadina-Fort York

9. Toronto's election may not have been as charged as it was in 2018, but one piece of leaked information about something the province was up to had some city councillors on edge this summer.

Councillor Shelley Caroll told CBC Toronto, "To come in the middle of the election and not give the details, the devil is always in the details." What was it that had this councillor concerned this summer?

10. Which of these municipalities had the highest voter turnout this October?

A. Hamilton

B. Brampton

C. Ajax

Let's get local… and more

11. In July, Mississauga council voted to dock the pay of a councillor, Ron Starr, for two months following a report from the city's integrity commissioner alleging harassment. What repeated act did the report say the councillor had engaged in?

John Badcock/CBC
John Badcock/CBC

12. This fall, the Ontario government officially did away with environmental protections for nearly 3,000 hectares of Greenbelt land in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Why does the government say this is necessary?

13. Which planning meeting open to the public this year saw hundreds of residents sign up to speak and lasted until 4 a.m.?

Was it:

  1. An Aurora planning meeting about the implications of Doug Ford's new housing plan

  2. A Brampton planning meeting about a mosque

  3. A TDSB planning meeting about masks in schools

14. Name one union with workers in Ontario that went on strike for any period of time this year.

15. How many homes did the Doug Ford government commit to getting built by 2031 in its election promise and then again through the More Homes, Built Faster Act?

Correct Answers

Michael Wilson/CBC
Michael Wilson/CBC

See how you did and check out our coverage from throughout the year to see what you might have missed.

  1. A bee went down Doug Ford's in the middle of an outdoor press conference in August.

  2. A snow day

  3. March 21, 2022

  4. 83

  5. The NDP. Documents recently filed to Elections Ontario show the New Democrats' campaign period expenses totalled just shy of $13 million, while the PC Party spent $11.5 million and the Ontario Liberal Party spent $9.6 million.

  6. Michael Ford (PC), Krysten Wong-Tam (NDP) and Mary-Margaret McMahon (Liberal). Doug Ford also made the leap a while back after serving on Toronto council.

  7. Steven Del Duca was not elected as an MPP in June, but was elected Mayor of Vaughan. Dianne Saxe ran unsuccessfully for the Greens in University-Rosedale, but then landed a council seat in the same area.

  8. York South Weston. The nail-biter between longtime incumbent Frances Nunziata and Chiara Padovani had a difference of fewer than 100 votes.

  9. "Strong mayor" powers

  10. Hamilton

  11. Keying the car of another councillor

  12. The need to build more housing

  13. A planning meeting about a new mosque development proposal in Brampton in December inspired over 600 residents to sign up to speak.

  14. Many residents will recall CUPE strikes, but several other answers could also be accepted here.

  15. 1.5 million homes.