'What's at the core of St.Patrick's day': Music and tea room celebrates Irish culture

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While many people may think St. Patrick's day is all about drinking Guinness, the owners of Brigh — a new music and tea room in Charlottetown — say there's a lot more to the holiday.

"I think St.Patrick's day is about celebrating heritage," said Cian Ó Móráin, the co-owner of the shop.

"You know, there's something about wearing the green. There's a pride in it, there's a humour in it, and there's a getting together about it. So I think that's what's at the core of St.Patrick's day, having fun, having music." 

Ó Móráin is from Ireland but moved to the Island a year-and-a-half ago. Mary MacGillivary, his business partner, is from the Island and has Irish roots. 

"We like to get together and make music," she said.

"And my father, I asked him what they liked to do growing up, and he said that's what they did. They got together and made music and had a laugh and had a good time." 

Building a tune

Brigh hopes people seize that spirit this St. Patrick's Day. The shop sells a variety of Irish teas and instruments used in Celtic music, and encourages drop-in musical performances from customers wishing to play a favourite tune, or to join in with them when they play.

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