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'Wheel of Fortune' contestant pushes back on unsolved puzzle — and even the show concedes he 'has a point'

The puzzle is revealed to Ben, of California, on
The puzzle is revealed to Ben, of California, on Wheel of Fortune. (Photo: Instagram)

There are runners, who feel de-stressed after a few miles, and then there are non-runners, who would rather do most anything else than hit the pavement.

So when a Wheel of Fortune contestant named Ben, from California, competed in the bonus round in the category of "Fun and Games" on the Jan. 26 episode, he was very surprised to see the answer revealed after he missed it. That's because it was, ahem, "Taking a jog."

And he let the host of the long-running show, Pat Sajak, know just what he thought.

When Sajak noted, "You just didn't have the letters," Ben countered with, "Well, see, I just don't consider jogging fun and games."

In a somewhat tense moment for a show that sticks pretty close to the script day in and day out, Sajak answered, "Oh, well, there you go."

Then Ben flashed a thumbs-up to the camera.

Sajak offered, "That wasn't bad."

Online, viewers thought the moment was actually bad, and they blamed the show.

They applauded Ben, whom they said was funny and had a good “vibe," for speaking up. They agreed with him that the puzzle had been put under the wrong category.

Viewers "totally agreed with him" and cheered him on for having finally called out the TV staple.

They said the category should have been "activity" or "What are you doing?"

"Nobody considers that fun and games," one person wrote. "That's fitness, come on."

Someone else quipped, "Fact. Category is wrong... "

Even the show eventually conceded that Ben "has a point."

Wheel of Fortune did not respond to Yahoo Entertainment's request for comment.

At least Ben still managed to walk away with more than $18,000.