This is where Rock Hill region high schools rank in most recent end of course testing

For anyone watching the recent state test scores for elementary and middle school students in South Carolina, the most recent high school data offers more of the same.

Fort Mill and Clover schools rank at or near the top among all South Carolina districts. The rankings come from most recent end of course testing data released Monday.

Test score data shows York County has the state’s No. 1 performing school district.

Scores cover Algebra 1, English 2, Biology 1 and U.S. History and the Constitution. Separate data comes from a new career readiness test that measures math, data, reasoning and soft skills while awarding certifications for career readiness.

The information is vast and varied.

Algebra 1, for instance, includes high school students and advanced eighth-graders who take the class as a high school credit. That makes for a long list — more than 520 schools — of schools to score.

U.S. History and the Constitution is a course limited to the almost 260 high schools. Overall, there are more than 80 school districts listed, including traditional, charter school, academies and others.

Ellen Weaver, state superintendent of education, said high school tests from the most recently completed school year align with scores from lower grades.

“South Carolina students have seen marked gains in ELA compared with pre-pandemic data and continue to struggle with math,” Weaver said with Monday’s release.

Statewide, almost 40% of students received a failing score on the history portion.

“Our future depends upon citizens with knowledge deeply rooted in our shared story and America’s exceptional founding ideals,” Weaver said. “That’s why a strong focus on civics education will be an ongoing priority of my administration.”

Here are the rankings, by subject, for area high schools and in the case of one subject, middle schools:


Fort Mill ranked first and Clover second in Algebra 1 testing.

The next area district was Lancaster County at No. 34. Rock Hill was No. 36 followed by Chester County (No. 42) and York (No. 66).

At the school level, Algebra 1 testing weighed toward middle schools where more advanced students often take the class. The highest ranking high school in the area was Catawba Ridge at No. 195, which fell below 18 middle schools from five of six area districts. Catawba Ridge also fell behind York Prep, whose scores combine middle and high school students there.

The top performing middle schools schools in Algebra 1 were Springfield (No. 26), Gold Hill (No. 28), Pleasant Knoll (No. 48), Fort Mill (No. 61), Indian Land (No. 63), Oakridge (No. 67), Forest Creek (No. 68), Banks Trail (No. 75) and Buford (No. 79).

The top high schools (including schools that also serve middle school) were York Prep (No. 184), Catawba Ridge (No. 195), Nation Ford (No. 229), Fort Mill (No. 243), Clover (No. 245), Riverwalk Academy (No. 249), Great Falls (No. 277), Indian Land (No. 283) and South Pointe (No. 294).


Fort Mill and Clover again paced the field in Biology 1 testing. Fort Mill was first and Clover second statewide.

Rock Hill was next at No. 28, followed by Lancaster County (No. 38), Chester County (No. 45) and York (No. 57).

All three Fort Mill high schools finished in the top 15 statewide.

Fort Mill (No. 8), Catawba Ridge (No. 11) and Nation Ford (No. 14) also led area schools followed by Clover (No. 28), York Prep (No. 33), Indian Land (No. 50), Legion Collegiate (No. 63), Andrew Jackson (No. 78), Northwestern (No. 92) and South Pointe (No. 95).


Fort Mill again led all districts statewide in English 1 testing. Clover wasn’t far behind at No. 4, behind Lexington/Richland Dist. 5 and Anderson 4.

Lancaster County was next at No. 24 followed by Rock Hill (No. 35), York (No. 41) and Chester County (No. 46).

Fort Mill (No. 15), Catawba Ridge (No. 16) and Nation Ford (No. 21) high schools were the best performing area schools. Next were Legion Collegiate (No. 23), Indian Land (No. 24), Clover (No. 38), York Prep (No. 51) and Lewisville (No. 89).

U.S. History

Fort Mill ranked third statewide in U.S. History and the Constitution testing.

The top two districts were part of the state Governor’s School programs, with fewer than 200 combined students. Clover schools were No. 9, behind another Governor’s School program and a district each from Greenwood, Horry, Spartanburg and Anderson counties. York was No. 25 followed by Rock Hill (No. 32), Lancaster County (No. 36) and Chester County (No. 48).

The highest performing area high schools were Fort Mill (No. 10), Catawba Ridge (No. 15), Nation Ford (No. 22), Indian Land (No. 25), Clover (No. 55), York Prep (No. 68), Northwestern (No. 79), Legion Collegiate (No. 84), South Pointe (No. 91) and York (No. 95).

Career Readiness

A test for juniors across the state measures career readiness in math, data, reading and soft skills. Last year was the first time the new test was given, though similar programs previously existed.

The way tests were scored, there were lots of ties in the rankings. Two state governor’s school programs led the way across categories, but then the usual names emerged.

Fort Mill finished third statewide in math, reading and soft skills. Fort Mill was fourth in data and sixth in career readiness certifications earned. Clover was third in data and reading, fourth in math and fifth in certifications.