‘This Is Where We Are’: Stephen Colbert Spots Trump’s Weirdest ‘Party Trick’ Yet

Stephen Colbert said Donald Trump is now “doing party tricks” after the former president asked for someone in his rally audience to give him a pen.

When the pen landed several feet away, Trump walked over, bent down, picked it up, and returned to the microphone for a dig at President Joe Biden.

“You think Biden can bend down like that? I don’t think so!” Trump said as the audience cheered.

“This is where we are as a country,” Colbert said in disbelief. “The presidency of the United States could well come down to which old man can pick up a pen.”

Colbert envisioned how the “scintillating” debates might unfold.

“Which one of you gentlemen can climb into this doorless bathtub unassisted?” he asked.

See more in his Thursday night monologue: