White House Video Promotes SOTU With Joe Biden Seeking Advice From Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman And Other Famous Fictional Presidents

Michael Douglas, Geena Davis, Bill Pullman, Morgan Freeman and Tony Goldwyn appear in a new White House video in which the real president, Joe Biden, gets State of the Union advice from the fictional ones.

The video is a preview and promotion for Biden’s State of the Union speech this evening. It was produced by the White House Office of Digital Strategy, and was shot last weekend at Camp David.

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“You may’ve heard I’ve got a big speech coming up. So, I thought I would hear from some folks who have done the job before – sort of,” Biden said on X/Twitter.

He says in the video, “I’ve never spoken to so many presidents all at one time.”

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Freeman, who played the president in the Has Fallen films and Deep Impact, tells him, “Well sir, in my capacity as president, all I had to deal with was a meteor.”

“One of the things that came out of that with my speech to the people — hope,” he said. “Hope is the strongest force we have in this country.”

Goldwyn noted that his president in Scandal “behaved very badly” and offered advice to “tell them you exist for them. Tell them that make you a better man.”

Davis, who starred in Commander in Chief, said that there was “no crying in politics.” Biden responded, “What I hope is my politics doesn’t make anybody else cry.”

Douglas, who played the president in The American President, said, “From my experience of being commander in chief, I learned that having a loving partner changes everything. Love and compassion as a leader are strengths. They’re not weaknesses, and are key to your character. So let that shine through in your speech, and don’t forget to save a dance for the first lady in the East Room.”

Pullman, who played the president in Independence Day, said that in that movie, “I had it easy. We just had invaders coming in from outer space wanting to mess with us, and that tends to unify people.”

He added, “I’m not so sure it is the greatest speech ever, but I did manage to say two things: One is that we can’t be consumed by our petty differences, and we will be united in our common interests.”

“When people look at all that you have managed to do, they are going to remember, time will remember, always, the importance of your words when you say that thing about ‘There’s nothing, there’s nothing that we cannot do when we do it together.”

Biden then invited all of the actors to visit at the White House.

Watch below:

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