Whitney Port ready to resume baby plans after 'a little breather'

Whitney Port is ready to resume her fertility journey credit:Bang Showbiz
Whitney Port is ready to resume her fertility journey credit:Bang Showbiz

Whitney Port "took a little breather" from attempting to have a baby after a string of devastating losses.

The 39-year-old reality star had three miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy before she and husband Tim Rosenman decided to opt for surrogacy, only for their two attempts at embryo transfer to end in losses too, prompting the couple to put their plans to give six-year-old son Sonny a sibling on hold so the 'Hills' alumni could focus on herself.

Whitney told E! News: "I took a little breather from the fertility situation.

"I decided to take a few months off from thinking about it and talking about it and proactively doing anything about it so that I could take care of myself."

But now the family are planning to spend a chunk of their summer on the East Coast, which will include a period of time working "with this amazing doctor in New York", Spring Fertility's Dr. Catha Fischer.

Whitney said: "After a bunch of tries here, with both myself and a surrogate, we're going to do another round of egg retrieval in New York.

"And in the meantime, looking for a surrogate for the next transfer."

Whitney urged other women considering surrogacy not to feel "guilty" or bad about themselves.

She said: "Try to take the guilt completely off the table.

"So many women feel like they want to do the whole thing through and feel less about themselves because they may not be able to carry or it doesn't happen for them.

"And I just want women to know that it doesn't make them any less of a woman."

While the brunette beauty is grateful she carried Sonny to term, she doesn't feel it is necessary to be pregnant again to bond with any future children.

She said: "It wasn't like I felt more connected to Sonny through my pregnancy or felt more connected to him when I gave birth.

"I really started to fully connect with him when he was a toddler. So, I really want women to understand that."