Whoopi Goldberg reveals why she joined Star Trek The Next Generation

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Whoopi Goldberg on why she joined Star Trek: TNGCBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Decades after appearing on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Whoopi Goldberg has revealed why she wanted to join the series in the first place.

Claiming that she loves horror movies, sci-fi and "everything", Goldberg shared that she originally asked The Next Generation's LeVar Burton (who plays Geordi La Forge) to pass on her interest (via The Digital Fix).

"'They're doing Star Trek? Oh my god, tell him [Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry] I want to play,'" Goldberg recalled saying to Burton.

"So a year goes by, I hear nothing, and I see him and I said, 'Did you tell him?' He said 'Yeah, but they didn't believe me.'"

whoopi goldberg
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After asking Burton for Roddenberry's number, Goldberg persisted: "I said 'I'll talk to whoever but I need to be part of that.'

"I say I want to have a meeting, can I come in, and can I explain why. And they said sure. I think, in my head now, they thought 'This b***h is crazy. She is never going to come and do this show. She's a movie person.'"

Despite this, Goldberg won over Roddenberry after he questioned her interest in the show:

"I go, and Gene Roddenberry says 'You have to explain this to me. Why do you want to do this?' I said, 'Gene, do you know that before Lieutenant Uhura, Black people didn’t exist in the future?'

whoopi goldberg, star trek, guinan
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"It’s true. No science fiction existed with us in any of the movies, in anything. This is the first time we appear in the future. Not only do we appear in the future, but this is a gorgeous woman and she’s the communications officer! I said, 'You did this in 1963.'"

Goldberg went on to appear in seasons 2 to 6 of Star Trek: The Next Generation as alien bartender Guinan. Her love of sci-fi remains as she has since appeared in Star Trek: Picard and also recently revealed she wanted a role in Doctor Who.

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